Healthy Summer Snack Ideas for the Kids

During the summer, when kids are out of school they tend to get bored and want to snack more. They can quickly overdo it on snacks if you don’t limit the number they’re allowed to eat during the day and monitor the portion sizes. Even more important than how much the kids are snacking, however, is what they are snacking on. Providing your kids with a selection of healthy snacks instead of junk food will go a long way toward keeping your kids healthy. Here are some Summer snack ideas for kids to get you started.


Start your kid’s day with a smoothie or as a refreshing afternoon snack. Smoothies are a great way to get your kids to get an extra serving of both fruits and vegetables. The sweet flavors of the fruit typically cut the taste of veggies, so kids don’t even realize they’re consuming veggies with their Smoothie. These smoothie recipes are packed with vitamins and minerals, so you can serve your child the perfect treat.



Fresh fruit is readily available during the summer months, and when fruit is in-season it is fairly inexpensive. If your child’s favorite fruit is out of season, consider buying it frozen or canned. When buying canned fruit, you’ll want to buy the ones packed in water or natural juice versus the ones packed in high sugar syrups.


Kids love foods that can be dipped into different dips and sauces, which is one reason why fresh cut veggies are the perfect afternoon snack. Baby carrots, cucumbers and celery are just a few kid-friendly vegetables that are made for dipping. If you’re looking for a healthy dip to pair with your veggies, try hummus or homemade dip made from plain Greek yogurt.


Cheese is a favorite of both kids and adults alike; kids love the taste, parents love that it’s a great source of calcium and protein. Whether you’re whipping up a grilled cheese sandwich or serving cheese cubes on kabobs, cheese makes a satisfying snack.


Everyone likes to have a sweet treat every now and then, but pre-packaged sweet snacks are notoriously unhealthy. Instead, make up a batch of homemade granola or granola bars for a sweet treat that is both healthy and filling.

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