Fondue Fun at The Melting Pot – New Menu Choices

We were invited to try out the Melting Pot and we were happy to be invited. Before this invitation we had never tried fondue and looked forward to the experience. I mean what food could be bad with either melted cheese or chocolate covering it.

A little bit about The Melting Pot: it was founded in 1975 and is an affiliate of Front Burner Brands, a restaurant management company headquartered in Tampa, Fla. Currently, there over 140 restaurants in North America, existing locations in 36 states, Canada and Mexico and more than 25 locations currently in development, The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc. is the premier fondue restaurant franchise.  The Melting Pot offers a memorable dining experience where guests enjoy a choice of fondue cooking styles and a variety of unique entrées combined with dipping sauces. The menu also includes cheese fondues, salads, fine wines and chocolate fondue desserts.

Recently, the Melting Pot of Darien, a fondue restaurant located at 14 Grove St in Darien, CT, launched a revamped menu that allows guests to control and customize their fondue dining experiences.

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The new menu offerings allow guest to choose how much they want to eat and the amount of time they spend dining at The Melting Pot.

“With our new menu, it’s never been easier to enjoy your fondue favorites at The Melting Pot of Darien,” said James Layfield, managing partner of The Melting Pot of Darien. “Stop in just to satisfy that chocolate craving for as low as $8.95 per person or enjoy a sweet and savory duet with cheese and chocolate fondue for as low as $17.90 per person.”

The new menu features per person pricing and more unbundled and à la carte selections, highlighting customizable options that allow guests to enjoy one, two or more courses as they select any combination of individually-priced cheese fondues, salads, entrées and chocolate fondues.

The Melting Pot has some great signature drinks. Pictured below is the Love Martini made with Malibu Rum, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and fresh strawberries, the Ying Yang Martini made with Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur and Stoli Vanil Vodka blended with ice cream then topped with chocolate shavings, and the Blood Orange Margarita made with Avión Silver Tequila, DeKuyper Blood Orange, and hand-squeezed lime juice.  Wendy tried all three of them.  Her favorite was the Love Martini during the meal and the Ying Yang for dessert.


We decided to go with the 4-course experience, which, for a fixed price, depending upon the entree you choose, you get cheese fondue, salad, entree, and dessert.

There are 5 different cheese combinations to choose from for the cheese fondue: cheddar, Wisconsin Trio, fiesta, spinach artchoke, and traditional Swiss. We choose the cheddar, which contained: aged, medium-sharp cheddar and Emmenthaler Swiss cheeses, lager beer, garlic, mustard powder, and fresh grounded black pepper. Each cheese fondue comes with artisan breads and seasonal vegetables for dipping.


The cheese fondue is prepared at the table.  They start off by adding the lager beer to the heated fondue pot, then slowing stir the cheese adding more as it melts, once the cheese is melted, the mustard powder and black pepper is added. The end result is a fabulous cheese fondue, ready for dipping.


For salads, Wendy selected the California which was mixed baby salad greens, Roma tomatoes, candied pecans and Gorgonzola cheese with Raspberry Black Walnut Vinaigrette. I went with the The Melting Pot House Salad, which had crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese, fresh tomatoes, crispy croutons and sliced egg, and Peppercorn Ranch Dressing.


We choose the Mojo cooking style for our entrees. The Mojo is a Caribbean-seasoned bouillon with a distinctive fresh-garlic flavor, cilantro twist and a citrus flair. There are three other cooking styles available.

There are 10 different entrees available with the 4-course experience, which offering a combination of meat, fish, and vegetables. Every entree comes with potatoes, mushrooms, and broccoli. We selected the Pacific Rim: Teriyaki-marinated sirloin, honey orange duck breast, citrus-infused pork tenderloin, and chicken potstickers; and the Steak Lovers: Premium filet mignon, teriyaki-marinated sirloin, and seasoned choice Angus sirloin. Six different dipping sauces were provided as well.

Our server advise us that it takes approximately 1. 5 to 2 minutes for the beef to cook and 2 to 3 minutes for the chicken to cook in the broth. The vegetables take a little longer, especially the potatoes.  One can put the vegetables in the broth and let them simmer as you cook the meat.  Once the veggies are done, you can “fish” them out with the slotted spoon.  Your server will also advise you not to touch the raw meat with your fork, use only the fondue stick to put the meat in the broth and on your plate, if they see you touch the meat with your fork the will quickly take the fork and replace it with a clean one.

Every piece of meat was tender and you could cook it to the level you prefer.




For dessert, we choose the special which was Dark And Dulce Chocolate Fondue featuring bittersweet dark chocolate swirled into rich and creamy dulce de leche and topped with coarse ground sea salt.

For dipping into your delicious, melted chocolate you get strawberries, bananas, pound cake, a dense brownie, Rice Krispies treats, and marshmallows.


Watch as our chocolate fondue goes up in flames – exciting to watch and makes your dinner so entertaining, especially if there is a group of you eating at the same time.

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It is just not the food that’s great at The Melting Pot, but the whole experience.  We enjoyed the entire experience.  We decided that when we go back, we will probably just have the cheese and dessert fondues, the entree portion was good, but I ready liked the cheese the best and Wendy liked the dessert (can you say chocolate) the most.  The drinks were excellent and well prepared.  Our server was pleasant and friendly.  Overall, we had a great time.  We would recommend getting a group of friends together and go enjoy the experience at the Melting Pot.

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  1. My husband and I love the Melting Pot! It is always delicious.

  2. Wow! That looks like so much fun! I’ve never been to a fondue restaurant before, but I’ve always wanted to go to one! Thanks!

  3. I’ve been dying to go there, but this post really swayed me! Heading there tonight!! The drinks look awesome, too!

  4. J Timothy Quirk says:

    I’ve been to fondue places…they’re “FON to do” (if you don’t mind the obvious pun)!

    • Greg and Wendy says:

      haha, too funny. We’re having a Fondue party at our house at the end of the month because we had so much fun at the Melting Pot

  5. The food looks AMAZING. I love the yin-yang martini!

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