Cooking Up a Storm at Chef’s Emporium in Berlin

We recently learned about cooking classes being held at Chef’s Emporium in Berlin through a Living Social deal and decided to try them out. Chef’s Emporium is a well stocked restaurant and food service equipment company that is now open to the general public. They have stores in Berlin and Wallingford, Connecticut. Only the Berlin store offers the cooking classes.

We chose a class titled “French Style Crepes” with Chef Yaz. The class included savory an sweet crepes.

When we arrived we weren’t sure we were in the right place because the sign read, Chef’s Restaurant & Kitchen Equipment. Walking in the door we were impressed with all of the culinary items on display. Rows and rows of kitchen gadgets, pots, pans, dish, utensils and unique items could be found, at a reasonable price. There were even fun seasonal displays throughout the store. This store is a chef’s playground. They have one whole aisle with nothing but flavored olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Chef's Emporium in Berlin

We walked to the back of the store where the cooking class was to take place and were surprised to see a huge kitchen that had multiple cook tops, a large refrigerator and several ovens on the back wall. Across from the kitchen is a long table that had enough place settings for about 20 people. Each place setting was setup with information about today’s cooking class, an apron, pen, and a discount coupon to use in the store.

We were immediately impressed as to how organized the class was already.

Chef's Emporium Cooking Class Berlin Connecticut

The offer complimentary coffee, tea, cold drinks and even sometimes even wine throughout the class, which makes it even more enjoyable. You may want to call ahead about the wine. During one of our classes wine was provided but another class we attended was BYOB and we didn’t know about that until we arrived at the class.

Chef Yaz introduced himself and talked about crepe making, highlighting the secret to a great crepe, thin batter. He started off the class by making crepe batter and showing us the consistency of the proper crepe batter.

Chef's Emporium Cooking Classes Berlin Connecticut

Chef Yaz explained that you start off with flour, add the eggs and a little milk, work the batter slowly and add more milk as needed to obtain the correct consistency. After we had all made our own batter, we moved on to the cooking portion. We learned that the pan should be preheated over a medium heat and lightly oiled before adding enough crepe batter to make a thin layer in the pan. The batter is placed in the middle of the pan and then the pan is moved around to coat the bottom. It only takes a minute or so per side to get the crepe just right. Surprising, crepes are easy to make.

Chef's Emporium Cooking Classes Berlin Connecticut

After we had each made 10 or so crepes, we prepared the filling for the crepes. As I mentioned earlier, we had both savory and sweets crepes as follows:

Chef's Emporium Cooking Classes Berlin Connecticut

Crepe Epinards: crepe filled with fresh baby spinach and Roma tomatoes sauteed with scrambled eggs and feta cheese.

Mediterranean Chicken Crepe: crepe filled with grilled chicken and hummus and a side salad of mixed greens, red onion, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, Roma tomatoes, and homemade lemon oregano dressing.

Seafood Baked Crepe: crepe filled with assorted seafood casserole with mushrooms and a chardonnay sauce baked in the oven.

Dessert Crepe: crepe filled with Nutella and fresh berries.

The class was great because we actually participated in the cooking. We have been to other “cooking classes” where we only watched the Chef do the cooking. Having the attendees participate helps them learn and gets them interacting with each other making the class fun.

Since the classes are small, it is a more intimate setting that lends to make new friends.

We will definitely be going back to other classes.

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Chef's Emporium Cooking Classes Berlin Connecticut

Chef’s Emporium offers several cooking classes covering a wide range of cuisine. From crepes making to European cooking. The “Country Side French” on May 20th looks interesting. To learn what classes they offer, visit their event calendar on the their website at

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