Churrasco Brazilian Dining at Rodizio Grill Steakhouse

We were invited to try out the Rodizio Grill in Stamford and we were happy to be invited. Before this invitation we had never heard of the Rodizio Grill nor the Churrasco style of serving. Our meals were complimentary but our opinions are our own.

A little bit about the Rodizio Grill in Stamford: Rodizio Grill is America’s first authentic Brazilian steakhouse that originated in Colorado in 1995. It was founded by Brazilian native Ivan Utrera, who brought his cherished family recipes from his hometown of São Paulo. The Rodizio Grill is a franchise and the Connecticut location opened on March 17, 2012. The 7,100 square foot eatery is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Stamford, Connecticut.

The Rodizio Grill in Stamford is located at 5 Broad Street (Next to the Target Complex).

Follow Rodizio Grill on their website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. You can also follow the local Stamford Rodizio Grill on Twitter and Facebook and see their menu on their website along with prices.

Churrasco-Style Brazilian Dining at Rodizio Grill Steakhouse

The restaurant has a lively atmosphere with Brazilian music playing in the background.

Once we were seated we were immediately greeted by our server who explained how the Churrasco service worked and showed us how to use the cube. At Rodizio’s, you order either the unlimited salad bar or the Full Rodizio, which includes the salad bar and all of the grilled meats. The complimentary appetizers come with either choice.

We learned that the Churrasco-style meat service allows you to have complete control over your meat service. A green and red wooden cube is put on the table and you decide if you want the meat or grilled pineapple delivered to your table by putting the green side up, or stop the service until you are ready by turning it over and placing the red side at the top. When you are ready for dessert you turn it on it’s side.

Churrasco-Style Brazilian Dining at Rodizio Grill Steakhouse

When all systems are a GO and you are ready to be served, turn your cube to green and let the Brazilian gauchos arrive on cue to carve your meat or grilled pineapple table side. They are always lurking about, watching, so you never have to call them or wait for them.

Brazilian gauchos

After the introduction to the Churrasco we ordered drinks. Greg decided to order a Brazilian beer and I got the Caipiriha, Brazilian national drink (bottom left photo below). It is similar to a Mojito but uses Cachaca (sugar cane hard liquor), sugar, and limes instead of rum and mint.

Later on I had a Lime drink (to left and right photos below) which was amazing and I am going to make it at home. The ingredients are simple: lime juice, half and half or cream, sugar, ice cube. Mix, pour in a glass and sprinkle again with a little sugar. It was like a dessert in a glass – loved it and couldn’t get enough of it!

Brazilian Caipiriha cocktail and beer

Now we were free to get up and sample the Gourmet Salad bar. When they say Gourmet they mean it. You won’t find anything but the best meats, cheese, salads, shrimp and even Chicken or Beef Stroganoff on this salad bar. There are several traditional Brazilian side dishes that you can sample. It is All-You-Can-Eat too so stuff yourself!

As we were eating our salad bar goodies, our appetizers arrived: Banana Frita (Poppers), Polenta (Brazilian corn meal), and Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese bread made with yucca flour and cheese).

Rodizio Grill Banana Poppers

Brazilian Dining at Rodizio Grill Steakhouse Stamford Connecticut

Churrasco-Style Brazilian Dining at Rodizio Grill Steakhouse

Rodizio Grill Steakhouse Stamford Connecticut

You can get up and get salad at anytime during your visit, even after the meats arrive.

They offer a wide variety of meats, including seasoned Tri-Tip sirloin, tender steak basted in garlic seasonings, marinated Brazilian brisket, Brazilian sausage, tender cut of pork served with Parmesan cheese and bacon, marinated pork loin, grilled ham, turkey breast wrapped in bacon, sweet and spicy chicken, grilled tender chicken hearts, boneless leg of lamb, and a daily fish selection.  In addition, there is grilled pineapple and grilled tomatoes with Parmesan cheese. The meat comes in rotation every few minutes – unless you stop it by turning your cube over to red – and you get to sample everything – around 17 different meats, grilled tomatoes and grilled pineapple. You can also request something special you see on the menu under this special section if they didn’t bring it around. The gauchos slice off the meat or veggies and you use the tongs they give you to place it on your plate.

Rodizio Grill Steakhouse Stamford Connecticut

After your meal the waiter brings over a dessert tray so you can see what they have to offer. Greg and I decided to share a delicious creamy Pudim de Leite (Brazilian Caramel Flan) for this visit. We weren’t even sure we could eat it after all of the food we had consumed. It was creamy, but light and just the right amount to finish off the experience.

Rodizio Grill Brazilian Caramel Flan

Eating at the Rodizio Grill is not just a meal, it is a dining and entertaining experience! All of the meats were cooked perfectly and you could even choose the “doneness” with the beef offerings.  Everything on the salad bar that looked inviting, but there were just too many to choose from so we only sampled a few and they were delicious. I suggest you arrive around 6:00 pm because the place starts filling up around 7:00 pm.

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    Wendy, I love reading your posts about restaurant reviews. There’s a lot of quality photos that really give the essence of the place-you can almost taste the food! I haven’t gone to a restaurant where they carve at the table in a LOOOONNNNNGGG time!

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  5. Oh, yum! All of the food (and drinks!) looks delicious!

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