Charge Your Devices Conveniently with a USB Wall Outlet

NewerTech has a USB wall outlet that let’s you power up your USB devices from the same wall outlet you plug other everyday appliances, lamps, or your TV into. It is called the Power2U AC/USB power outlet. NewerTech sent me one to review and last week we got it installed in our house.

You will need flat head and Phillip head screwdrivers, and a pair of pliers to attach the wires.

How to install a USB outlet

The USB power outlet installs like any other wall outlet and only takes a few minutes to install. You do have to find a wall outlet socket that is deep enough to hold it. Many of our outlet sockets were not but we finally found one that was and then it was pretty easy.

We did have a little struggle with attaching the wires. The gauge of the wire was too big (wire was too fat) and you may have to wind it around the screws instead of the method they suggest.

The only issues you will have installing it is the wires size and the box size. Make sure you find an outlet that has that deep pocket or it won’t work. I think this is because it is Canada UL approved so maybe they made it for Canada first.

It comes with clear instructions and photos to help you figure out how to install it if you have never installed a power outlet. Make sure to turn off the power first though to that outlet so you don’t get a shock.

How to install a USB outlet

After that, there’s nothing to it. Just use the USB socket to plug in your tablets and Smartphones, iPods and MP3 players and they will charge up.

How to install a USB outlet

To plug in a USB cable you will need to open the little door that is covering the USB socket. In the future NewerTech might want to remove this door as we had a slight problem keeping it open enough to get the USB cable into it. It’s not that difficult, just would be better if the little door wasn’t there.

Newer Tech says: “The purpose of the Power2U’s safety shutters is that there is no “vampire draw” while they are shut …so it’s a green solution as well. The Power2U page on our site states “Energy-efficient, spring-loaded Safety Shutter design turns USB ports off when connecting cable is removed.”

How to install a USB outlet

How to install a USB outlet

How to install a USB outlet

You can buy a Power2U USB outlet is available at or the website or at local retailers. They come in white, light almond, ivory and black. They cost between $19 and $28 depending on where you buy them.

I think having the Power2U USB outlet is convenient because I can plug in my iPhone when I get home and keep it charged up. There are two USB sockets in this power outlet plus the standard 3-prong power sockets.

Disclosure: NewerTech sent us this USB outlet for review and my opinions and review of the product are my own.

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